Stop the Meat Industry Bailout

The Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act addresses appalling cruelty and holds the meat industry accountable. 

Help pass this historic legislation.
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Thanks to advocates like you, members of Congress have introduced the Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act (IAA).

You can help ensure its success!

Urge your representatives to support the IAA and help countless farmed animals.

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Support the Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act

As your constituent, I respectfully request that you co-sponsor the Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act.

This legislation addresses a wide range of inexcusable exploitative and cruel practices in our food system and the need for effective federal oversight.

I am disheartened to know that my tax dollars foot the bill for extreme animal cruelty and exploitation.

Thank you for considering my request.

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What Is the IAA?

Every five years, Congress debates and renews the Farm Bill, the government’s primary tool for setting food and farming policy. The bill is up for renewal this year. The IAA (S. 272 / H.R. 805) is legislation that would improve the Farm Bill. The IAA would hold the meat industry responsible for the problems it has created in efforts to maximize its profits.

Sounds Awesome! But What Does It Do?

In simple terms, a lot. Here are some highlights:
Overcrowded Pigs

Put restrictions on cruel on-farm mass killing, known as “depopulation.” Killing farmed animals by inducing heatstroke—what some have referred to as baking them alive—or suffocating them with foam would result in fines and restrictions for factory farms.

Over crowded chicken farm

Provide legal protections for chickens, turkeys, and other farmed birds. Currently, birds have few legal protections. The IAA would add birds to existing laws that regulate the slaughter of farmed pigs and cows.

Pigs on transport truck. One gnaws at the bar.

Modernize and humanize animal transport standards. When transported for slaughter, farmed animals are forced into cramped trailers without access to food or water and exposed to extreme temperatures. Many animals needlessly suffer or die because of these disgraceful conditions.

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