15 Celebrities Who Are Demanding McDonald’s Stop Torturing Chickens

Last year McDonald’s issued a public relations statement outlining a vague eight-point plan designed to mislead consumers about rampant animal cruelty in the company’s chicken supply chain. Unfortunately, the statement fell far short of addressing the most pressing animal cruelty concerns, like breeding birds to grow so large they can barely support their own weight and cramming chickens into dark sheds where the air is so thick with ammonia that simply breathing can cause lung failure.

This is why we joined forces with five other animal protection groups—Animal Equality, The Humane League, Compassion in World Farming, World Animal Protection, and Compassion Over Killing—to demand McDonald’s clearly and explicitly ban the worst abuses endured by birds in its supply chain. Together we made this ask in an open letter in The New York Times last spring.

The coalition has also organized grassroots outreach events, online and on the ground, to show McDonald’s that its customers won’t stand for the abuse it allows its suppliers to inflict on animals killed for McNuggets and chicken sandwiches.

In July, the coalition sponsored a massive digital advertisement in New York City’s popular Times Square exposing the company’s cruelty. The ad showing birds suffering at factory farms has appeared daily, multiple times an hour from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m., with more than a million people passing by it every day.

The torture McDonald’s permits its chicken suppliers to get away with is unacceptable and out of step with both consumer demand and business trends.

A recent survey found that 78 percent of American respondents agreed that companies should adopt stronger welfare standards. Additionally, more than 100 major food brands—including Burger King, Jack in the Box, Sonic, and Subway—have already committed to implementing specific animal welfare policies that will end the worst abuses in their supply chains by 2024. But McDonald’s continues to drag its feet.

Many outspoken celebrity activists have joined the countless supporters who are urging the fast-food giant to adopt a meaningful chicken welfare policy. Here are 15 celebs who are demanding that McDonald’s stop torturing chickens.

1. Moby

2. Alexandra Paul

3. Joanna Krupa

4. Elaine Hendrix

5. Andrew Keegan

6. VickyT

7. Kathy Freston

8. Mark Hapka

9. Patricia De León

10. Harley Quinn Smith

11. Nellie McKay

12. Rick Cosnett

13. Allison Scagliotti

14. Alison Eastwood

15. Elizabeth Ho

Disgusted by McDonald’s lack of compassion? Join these caring celebrities by taking action at McDonaldsCruelty.com.

And remember, the only way to truly end the needless suffering of chickens and other farmed animals is to stop eating them. Order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today. And check out our Pinterest page for thousands of recipe ideas!