15 Pieces of Photographic Evidence Proving Eggs Come From Hell

For chickens in the egg industry, life is a living hell. These 15 stills from our undercover investigations prove it.

1. A hen with a huge abscess on her head

2. A pile of dead chickens on the floor

3. A dead hen with her head on the conveyor belt

4. A chicken stuck in a massive pile of feces

5. Hundreds of birds in cages stacked on top of one another

6. Dead chickens being loaded onto a conveyor belt

7. A dead hen rotting in a cage

8. A bird with a bloody, cut-up face

9. A baby chick trapped in the wire of a cage

10. A chicken run over by a feed hopper

11. Dead chicks suffocated in a plastic bag

12. A chicken with a bloody prolapse

13. Chickens forced to stand on their dead cagemate

14. A hen with her wing caught in the wire, standing on her cagemate

15. A dead chicken with a burst, rotting abscess

Mercy For Animals’ brave undercover investigators risk everything to shed light on the horrors farmed animals endure every day.
By leaving all animal products off your plate, you’re making the compassionate choice to end support of this cruel industry. For a list of egg-free recipes, click here.