15 Pieces of Photographic Evidence Proving Meat Comes From Hell

For animals raised in factory farms, life is a living hell. These 15 stills from our undercover investigations prove it.

1. A chicken bred to grow so quickly her body couldn’t keep up

2. A cow dragged by her neck at a dairy farm

3. A pig screaming in a pool of blood

4. A calf torn away from his mother lying in his own waste as he awaits slaughter for veal

5. Chickens dying under the weight of their own breast muscles

6. Pigs forced to watch their friends die

7. Pigs crammed in small metal cages without room to even turn around

8. A piglet undergoing castration without painkillers

9. A cow beaten to death by a sledgehammer after being tied

10. A pig forced to sit in another’s blood while she awaits a similar fate

11. Cows strung up by their limbs with their throats slit, slowly bleeding out

12. Organs spilling out of a dead piglet left to rot

13. A cow staring down the barrel of a captive bolt gun

14. A pig gnawing on bars as her only means of mental stimulation 

15. Dying turkeys on an assembly line headed for the defeathering tank, some to be boiled alive

Mercy For Animals’ brave undercover investigators risk everything to shed light on the horrors farmed animals endure every day.

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