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2010: A Landmark Year for Mercy For Animals

With the incredible support of our volunteers and donors, 2010 was a landmark year for Mercy For Animals. Together we confronted cruelty and promoted compassion – leading to historic victories on behalf of farmed animals.

Around the country, we expanded our grassroots campaigns and undercover investigations – opening the hearts and minds of millions of consumers to the plight of animals raised and killed for food.

This year, MFA:

Undercover Investigations

Advertisement Campaigns

    • tbtv.jpgLaunched pro-vegetarian billboards in Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Toledo, Boston, Michigan and New Jersey. Some featured a loveable piglet and puppy side-by-side asking, “Why Love One but Eat the Other?” and others depicted animals imprisoned on factory farms and asked, “How Much Cruelty Can You Swallow?” Our powerful ads spoke up for farmed animals and urged Americans to “Choose Compassion, Choose Vegetarian.” Overall, these six campaigns drove the message home, with a combined viewership of over 70 million.
    • Urged consumers to pardon turkeys on Thanksgiving. Just in time for Thanksgiving, we rolled out a provocative new ad campaign in Chicago and Detroit. Featuring an emboldened turkey declaring, “I Beg Your Pardon – Spare a Turkey,” the campaign encouraged travelers to forgo the traditional turkey dinner and replace it with tasty meatless fare. In all, the campaign reached over 3 million viewers.
    • Attracted nearly 1 million visitors to through online advertising. MFA’s online ad campaigns – featured on Google, Facebook, and other popular sites and blogs – brought millions of web surfers to MFA’s pro-vegetarian campaign website, where they could watch undercover factory farm videos, search vegan recipes, and more.

Grassroots Advocacy

Our investigations and grassroots campaigns made international headlines – generating over 2,000 news stories – and prompted countless people to move toward a compassionate, vegan diet.

Thank you for making 2010 a landmark year for animal rights! Please stand by our side as we work to give farmed animals the power and effective voice they deserve in 2011.