36 Cows Will Be Forced to Give Birth at New York State Fair

It’s no secret that giving birth can be stressful. But can you imagine doing it in front of an audience? Later this week, 36 cows will experience this when thousands gather to watch them give birth at the 2021 New York State Fair.

The New York Animal Ag Coalition, a nonprofit that organizes the fair’s Dairy Cow Birthing Center, claims this exhibit is for transparency. But we know the dairy industry has a lot to hide.

Months before the fair, these cows were subjected to artificial insemination, a highly invasive and stressful procedure that requires workers to shove their hands into a cow’s uterus and manually deposit sperm. Throughout their nine-month pregnancies, the cows undergo examinations that involve intrusive rectal exams.

After this sexual abuse and trauma, pregnant cows are transported in a hot metal trailer, only days away from giving birth. During the 18 days of the fair, these cows will be forced to endure the stress of loud noises, from both spectators and commentators, and the grueling summer heat.

After this extremely disturbing experience, these new mothers will likely have their newborn calves ripped away. Many calves are taken from their mothers within hours of birth. And the milk meant to nourish them is instead sold at grocery stores.

This is how the dairy industry profits—by taking babies from their mothers so people can have the milk.

Science has proved that the mother-child bond is not exclusive to humans. Imagine a mother cow’s anguish—giving birth again and again only to have their babies torn away.

We can help protect cows by withdrawing our financial support from this abusive industry. Join the millions of people who are ditching dairy and choosing plant-based foods instead. Click here to get started!