Mercy For Animals Receives Coveted Accreditation by the Better Business Bureau

Mercy For Animals has officially met the rigorous requirements to receive accreditation by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance for charity accountability! We are so honored to receive this accreditation.

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance has been reporting on charities for more than 100 years, seeking to verify organizations’ trustworthiness by evaluating them on 20 standards for charity accountability. The alliance bases accreditation on four main categories: governance; results reporting; finances; and truthful, transparent communications.


The governance and oversight category seeks to make sure that each accredited organization’s volunteer board is “active, independent, and free of self-dealing.” This means, among other things, that board members do not have conflicts of interest and participate in regular meetings. Mercy For Animals has a passionate board whose members are committed to antiracism, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Results Reporting

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance also looks at an organization’s effectiveness in setting “defined, measurable goals and objectives” and making progress known to donors. Mercy For Animals has an impact center, where anyone interested can find monthly updates on our work.


An organization’s financial management and accounting practices affect whether it receives BBB Wise Giving Alliance accreditation. Mercy For Animals has proved it is “financially transparent” and spends its funds “in accordance with its mission and donor expectations.”

Truthful, Transparent Communication

Finally, the BBB Wise Giving Alliance seeks to make sure an organization’s representations to the public are “accurate, complete, and respectful.” Mercy For Animals prides itself on being honest, transparent, and impeccably researched. We make sure all our claims are backed up by trustworthy sources and take care to present our work in a kind, respectful way.

Click here to learn more about the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, and click here if you would like to support Mercy For Animals’ life-changing work!