Alicia Silverstone, Elizabeth Lail, and Alexi Lubomirski Join Forces for Animals

In November acclaimed photographer, author, and poet Alexi Lubomirski photographed Alicia Silverstone and Elizabeth Lail for the winter issue of Mercy For Animals’ Compassionate Living magazine at Bathhouse Studios in New York.

Celebrated fashion designer Christian Siriano (Project Runway) styled and provided the wardrobe for Silverstone for the shoot. Renowned fashion designer Norma Kamali and vegan fashion brand Delikate Rayne furnished the wardrobe for Lail. Cruelty-free designer shoes from MINK Vegan Shoes and Taylor + Thomas completed the actors’ looks.

On top of producing breathtaking photographs, Silverstone, Lail, and Lubomirski participated in inspiring video interviews, expressing how veganism has impacted their lives and sharing their hopes for 2023 and beyond. Lubomirski—famed for taking the official engagement and wedding photographs of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as his portraits of countless other esteemed public figures—said: 

I think being an environmentalist and being a vegan just go hand in hand. And it’s either you do it for the animals, you do it for the environment, you do it for your health, or you do it for some sort of spiritual growth. And the wonderful thing is that no matter which door you go into, you end up reaping all the rewards.

Silverstone, a self-described “mommy, actress, author, and activist,” has been speaking up for animals since she was a teenager. She shared that going vegan has given her a strong sense of self:

My favorite thing about being vegan is just knowing that I’m choosing what I believe in. It really changed my life in every single way, and I thank the animals.

“Animal enthusiast” Lail expressed that an open and honest dialogue can help change the world and shared her dreams for the future:

My hope for the planet when I’m 70 is that it’s a more compassionate, sustainable, diverse planet. I hope that we’re all able to live in a more authentic way, a more sustainable way, and a more connected way. I think once we realize how we’re all intertwined with one another—the earth, the plants, the animals, and humans—I think the world will be a more compassionate and beautiful place.

Excited to see the gorgeous photographs and learn more about these compassionate stars? You can find it all in the winter issue of Compassionate Living magazine—coming soon! Make sure to keep an eye on your mailbox, or check back here for the digital copy.