America’s First Plant-Based, Solar-Powered, Zero-Waste School Is Opening Its Second Location

America’s first plant-based school is opening a new location! Founded in 2006 by movie-industry legend James Cameron; his wife, actress Suzy Amis Cameron; and her sister, Rebecca Amis, the MUSE School is not only completely vegan but solar powered and zero waste. Suzy explained their decision to make the school plant-based:
One person eating one plant-based meal a day for a year saves 200,000 gallons of water and the carbon equivalent of driving from Los Angeles to New York. … Every time they look at what they’re putting on their plates, they can make a difference. That’s really empowering.
But their vision went beyond just one school. MUSE began offering franchise opportunities last year, and the new location in San Francisco will be the first. Owners Goly Casey, director of a private preschool in the area, and John Casey, senior manager at a tech company, plan to open the new MUSE school in September 2020. Rebecca Amis said:
We are thrilled to welcome Goly and John Casey to the MUSE family. Their commitment to fostering environmentally and socially conscious youth, paired with a proximity to one of the most forward-thinking cities in the world, make them ideal owners of the first MUSE Global School franchise.
The Camerons have been outspoken about living a more conscientious lifestyle, even founding the Saskatchewan-based company Verdient Foods, which was “created to address the current and future global sustainable plant-based protein food demand. In fact, James Cameron is so dedicated to protecting the environment that he intends to serve plant-based food on the sets of all upcoming Avatar sequels.
The couple has also been investing in vegan and eco-friendly businesses, such as an organic farm in New Zealand and a Canadian company that makes protein concentrates from peas and lentils. Suzy explained:
From the moment we went plant-based, our world did a 180. … We started looking at our investments, our business opportunities. At this point, aside from Jim’s film work, they all go through a plant-based lens.
You don’t have to be a Cameron to make a huge difference for animals! Helping animals and the planet is as easy as choosing more plant-based meals. Get started by ordering your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide.