Angry Customers File Lawsuits After Huge Undercover Dairy Investigation

A few weeks ago, a heartbreaking undercover investigation conducted by the animal rights group Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) exposed horrifying animal cruelty at one of the largest dairy farms in the United States, Fair Oaks Farms. Video footage shows workers slapping, punching, stabbing, and burning calves. The defenseless babies were also subjected to extreme temperatures and poor nutrition. The abuse they suffered was so severe that one of the investigator’s daily tasks was loading big trucks with corpses of animals who could not withstand the brutal conditions.
To make matters worse, Fair Oaks Farms claims that their facilities follow rigorous humane protocols to guarantee “extraordinary care and comfort for the cows. These false claims led dairy consumers to file four federal class actions (so far!) against milk producer Fairlife. In these complaints, Fairlife customers express their rage at being misled, including a claim that Fairlife participated in “massive consumer fraud.
ARM’s investigation reveals that while Fair Oaks Farms claims to care about animal welfare, their actions speak otherwise. Factory farmers often use “humane claims to deceive consumers into feeling better about their purchases. But the reality is that cows and calves used for dairy suffer intensely.
Thanks to brave undercover investigators and consumers who vote with their money, we are finally moving closer to a future that is free of this animal cruelty. Even celebrities like Billie Eilish have joined the cause, with the singer publicly condemning the abuse of farmed animals and urging her 26 million Instagram fans to ditch dairy.
We can all work together to stop companies like Fair Oaks Farms from treating animals this way. Join Mercy For Animals by visiting our Action Center, and learn how you can make a difference for animals.
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