Animal Film Festival Celebrates MFA Video With $3K Award!

The Tarshis Foundation in partnership with the Animal Film Festival is awarding Mercy For Animals $3,000 for its video titled Excuses.

The short video will be screened during a special session at the festival on Saturday, February 25. Amber and Adam Tarshis will be presenting the award during that session.

The Tarshis Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to animal welfare and promoting the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. They partnered with the Animal Film Festival, which is designed to bring about social change for the welfare of all animals, to help promote the work of animal rights organizations.

Excuses was our most-viewed video of 2016; it currently has more than 17 million views on the U.S. Facebook page alone. It was also translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese for our international social platforms.

MFA’s media production manager, Jamie Berger, oversaw the project and said in a statement:
There are endless excuses for eating meat. But when we look animals in the eyes, we see their lives matter more. This video juxtaposes common excuses we give for eating animal products with heartbreaking undercover footage of animals on factory farms and slaughterhouses, exposing the frailty of our arguments against going vegan.

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