Another Ice Cream Giant Testing Vegan Varieties!

According to Veg News, Blue Bunny Ice Cream, one of the largest ice cream producers in the United States, is testing out new vegan flavors!

The 80-year-old company is catering to the growing trend towards healthy and humane alternatives to animal-based foods. Made with almond milk, the four new flavors are being tested in Kroger stores in Colorado, Texas, and Nebraska.

Earlier this month, Ben & Jerry’s also announced that it is working on a delicious nondairy flavor that will hit supermarket shelves by spring of 2016.

Obviously these moves are great for consumers avoiding dairy, but they also have the potential to spare countless animals a lifetime of suffering. Cows on dairy farms are treated as mere milk-producing machines, and their short lives are filled with abuse and neglect.

Luckily, there is already a TON of delicious vegan ice cream brands and flavors on the market!

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