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Barns Collapse Under Snow Killing 31 Cows

Another sad story comes out of Buffalo this week, where the recent snowfall caused a barn to collapse, killing more than 30 dairy cows.

According to Buffalo News:

More than 30 dairy cows were likely killed Thursday at the Phillips Family Farms in Eden, as workers scrambled to help save as many as they could in the midst of the snowstorm that collapsed two barns in which they were housed. …

… Nearby on Belknap Road, a barn collapsed Thursday on 120 dairy cows at Preischel Farms, and three of the cows had to be shot.

While countless farmed animals are tragically killed in events like this, it might be argued that those who survive have it much worse: a lifetime of abuse and neglect.

Crushed to death or not, dairy cows endure hell on factory farms, where they are subjected to lives of misery and deprivation. Most dairy cows are kept in a constant state of pregnancy, and have their babies taken away shortly after they’re born. You can find out more about the dairy industry’s cruel practices here.

To do your part to stop this horrific abuse, vow to leave animals off your plate for good. Visit today to learn more.