Beyond Meat Has Sold Over 25 Million Vegan Burgers Worldwide

A new article from CNBC highlights the soaring success of vegan meat company Beyond Meat. Beyond Meat has not only sold more than 25 million Beyond Burgers worldwide—it’s poised to be the first company of its kind to go public and valued at half a billion dollars.
The Beyond Burger first took the world by storm when it launched in 2016. The very first plant-based patty to be sold alongside ground beef in supermarket meat cases, it quickly became a favorite among omnivores and vegans alike. The Beyond Burger is also sold at chain restaurants, like Carl’s Jr. and TGI Fridays.
Beyond Meat products are now sold in over 32,000 grocery stores. CEO Ethan Brown told CNBC, “We’re reaching mainstream consumers who are interested in healthier forms of meat. He added that his company would continue to innovate. Beyond Meat’s most recent rollout is Beyond Sausage. Brown says that plant-based bacon or even a steak could also be in the works.
The astronomical success of Beyond Meat should take no one by surprise. A new study by research firm Mintel finds that nearly 80 percent of millennials (the largest generation) in the U.S. regularly consume plant-based alternatives to meat. GlobalData reports that there were six times as many vegans in America in 2017 as in 2014. And in the U.K., an estimated 3 million people have made the New Year’s resolution to go vegan in 2019.
More people eating vegan alternatives is a significant trend that reduces animal suffering. Whether for meat, dairy, or eggs, farmed animals are horribly abused and exploited. They spend their lives in filthy, crowded cages; suffer without proper veterinary care; and face violent deaths.
It’s time for all of us who care about animals to take a stand against factory farming. We can make a difference by choosing healthy and humane plant-based foods. It’s never been easier or more delicious. To learn more about vegan eating, visit today, and be sure to check out our Pinterest page for inspiration and mouthwatering recipes!