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Bird Flu Confirmed at Two Butterball Facilities

Last week, the USDA confirmed that turkeys from two different Butterball poultry facilities are stricken with the avian flu strain H5N2.

According to the LA Times, the USDA confirmed one case of 40,000 infected turkeys on an Arkansas farm on Wednesday, and another, on a farm in Missouri, on Sunday. All infected birds will be killed.

This comes just months after the discovery of bird flu in Europe and Canada.

Turkey factory farms are hellholes rife with filth and cruelty where birds are treated as nothing more than meat-making machines. MFA has conducted three undercover investigations at Butterball facilities in the U.S., resulting in criminal convictions of workers for animal cruelty.

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Concerned consumers can avoid contaminated poultry and help prevent cruelty to birds by ditching animal products in favor of healthy and humane plant-based alternatives.

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