BREAKING: McDonald’s McNuggets Supplier Convicted of Animal Cruelty Following MFA Investigation

After being caught on hidden camera beating chickens with spiked clubs, Thomas and Susan Blassingame pled guilty yesterday to one count each of animal cruelty in the Weakley County, Tennessee General Sessions Court. These convictions follow Mercy For Animals’ undercover investigation at the Blassingames’ T & S Farm in Dukedom, Tennessee. The investigative footage shows the Blassingames beating and stabbing chickens using a spiked club, standing on the birds’ heads and pulling their wings or bodies to break their necks, and throwing live birds into buckets to suffer and slowly die.

Thomas and Susan Blassingame were each sentenced by Judge Thomas L. Moore Jr. to pay $25 fines and court costs.

Watch the video footage that led to these convictions here:

At the time of MFA’s investigation, T & S Farm was under contract with Tyson Foods to supply chicken for McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets.

These criminal cruelty convictions illustrate the inhumane and illegal abuses that chickens are all too often subjected to at McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets suppliers nationwide. Sadly, the fines levied against the Blassingames are a pathetic slap on the wrist, unlikely to deter future acts of violence against animals.

Instead of allowing animal abuse to continue unchecked at its chicken suppliers, McDonald’s must act immediately by implementing meaningful animal welfare policies to ensure that no more chickens are illegally tortured for its Chicken McNuggets.

MFA is calling on both McDonald’s and Tyson Foods to end selective breeding of birds for rapid growth and shift to slower-growing breeds of birds to prevent health problems related to accelerated growth. Birds should be provided with more space, clean litter, access to natural light, and environmental enrichments. And the live-shackle slaughter method should be replaced by less cruel systems that eliminate the horrific suffering caused by shackling, shocking, and slitting the throats of conscious animals.

No company with morals should subject animals to this unspeakable suffering.

Ultimately, the best way to ensure that animals are protected from such horrific abuse is simply to leave them off your plate. Visit today for free vegetarian recipes and tips.