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Canadian Animal Care Council Ignores Taxpayers, Supports Animal Cruelty

Today, the National Farm Animal Care Council, or NFACC, released its new code of practice for treatment of egg-laying hens. Funded in large part by Canadian citizens, the Council was created to represent the demands of Canadian consumers and protect the farmed animals raised and killed for food across the country. The new code neglects the welfare of egg-laying hens through its continued support of cages. Despite the booming call to ban these unconscionable cages, NFACC continues to encourage them over less cruel alternatives.

Cages are objectively horrific. Without space to move freely or spread their wings, birds easily become trapped and mangled in cage wire. The European Union and a number of U.S. states have banned the cruel practice of cage confinement. Additionally, nearly every major food company, including Loblaw, Costco, Starbucks, Boston Pizza, Kraft, and Cadbury, have independently committed to sourcing only cage-free eggs in Canada. Nevertheless, NFACC has neglected its core responsibility to protect egg-laying hens.

Canadian opposition to cages for egg-laying hens is overwhelming. A recent poll conducted by NRG Research Group found that 79 percent of Canadians agree that NFACC should endorse cage-free environments for egg-laying hens, and 83 percent would like to see animal welfare laws prohibiting these cruel cages. Unsurprisingly, more than 60 percent of Canadians believe that taxpayers should not continue funding NFACC given its egregious disregard of their interests.

Unjustifiably, NFACC has failed in its duty to the two groups it was designed to protect: farmed animals and consumers. It is truly a sad day for Canadians, whose tax dollars have been wasted and voices ignored.

Canadians have clearly spoken: Lifetime confinement in cages is something we cannot and will not support. We at Mercy For Animals will continue to push NFACC to stand on the right side of history and ban these cruel cages.

Please join us by signing our petition. Tell NFACC, which receives millions of taxpayer dollars to develop codes of practice for the care and housing of farmed animals, to listen to consumers. Demand that following the public comment period, NFACC release a final code advising egg farmers to stop using cages.