Chicago Students Shocked by Cruelties of Factory Farming

With the help of the Loyola Vegetarian & Vegan Society and College of DuPage’s Students For Animal Defense, MFA volunteers in Chicago have exposed hundreds of people to the horrors of factory farming by encouraging students to watch a 4-minute clip of the groundbreaking documentary Farm to Fridge in exchange for a dollar.

ppvchicago2.jpgAfter watching the short video, “Paid-Per-View” participants receive a Vegetarian Starter Kit, friendly advice about how to transition toward a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle, and an opportunity to ask questions about what they’ve just witnessed. Horrified by the routine cruelties inflicted upon animals raised and killed for food, many students are inspired to eliminate meat, dairy, and eggs from their diets in favor of healthier and more humane vegetarian alternatives.

ppvchicago1.jpgIf you are interested in coordinating a Paid-Per-View event in your community but are unsure of how to go about it, don’t worry, MFA has got you covered. Just check out our step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Paid-Per-View event, receive funding and obtain copies of Farm to Fridge and MFA’s Vegetarian Starter Kits. For information about choosing a compassionate vegan diet, visit