Chinese Government: Consume Less Meat to Save the Planet

A recent article in The Washington Post discusses an updated set of dietary guidelines by the Chinese government that recommends citizens consume less meat to protect the environment.

Officials claim that the new recommendations have the potential to help save land and water resources and put a substantial dent in global greenhouse gas emissions.

The new guidelines suggest limiting meat, poultry, fish, and dairy consumption to 200 grams daily. According to the United Nations, daily meat and dairy consumption in China currently averages more than 300 grams per day—and that value is expected to keep increasing over the next few decades.

Animal agriculture is destroying our planet and accounts for 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. By reducing our meat, dairy, and egg consumption we can help fight global warming.

In fact, just last year the USDA considered releasing a new set of dietary guidelines that took into account the environmental impacts of meat and urged consumers to significantly reduce their meat consumption. Unfortunately, it never passed due to extensive lobbying by the meat and dairy industries.

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