Colorado Governor Says He Sees a Future With “Fewer Meats and More Profits”

While eating Burger King’s plant-based Impossible Whopper, Colorado governor Jared Polis told a reporter he saw a future with “fewer meats and more profits.
Polis explained that meatless meat would soon be a leading industry, comparing its growth to that of legal marijuana, hemp, and blockchain technology. Pointing to his vegan burger, Polis stated, “Everything that’s in this was grown on a farm.
Last week at a new research facility in Broomfield, the governor urged Colorado Department of Agriculture staff to brainstorm ways to focus more on meatless products, such as by promoting crops that support the plant-based meat industry. He also promised to buy 100 Impossible Whoppers for the research facility’s employees to encourage them to capitalize on the exciting plant-based meat industry.
Polis was the nation’s first openly gay man elected as a nonincumbent in Congress and is the second openly gay person elected to governorship in the U.S. His partner, Colorado’s first gentleman Marlon Reis, is a vegan activist who has made animal welfare a priority in his life.
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From lending his time to support legislation for farmed animals, animals used in circuses, and endangered species to attending Colorado Legislative Animal Welfare caucus meetings, Reis fights tirelessly for animals in his state.
Mercy For Animals interviewed Reis earlier this year and asked whether his passion for animal rights would inform his platform as Colorado’s first gentleman. He stated:
Being vegan is core to who I am, and the way I want to represent myself to the world. In my experience, the best persuasion is simply setting a good example. If you live according to your values and you accomplish good things, people will naturally wonder about what you are doing and be more willing to try it themselves.
With compassionate politicians (and first gentlemen) advocating for animals, the future looks brighter. We can all help animals every day by choosing more plant-based foods. Download your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today for delicious recipes and meal ideas!