Mercy For Animals Took to the Streets to Expose Costco’s Cruelty to Chickens

Mercy For Animals recently took to the streets to call out Costco’s cruelty! Through a powerful mobile billboard, on-the-ground actions, and street projections, we drew attention to the shocking reality behind the company’s cheap chicken.

The Investigation

Our investigation into a Costco supplier reveals tens of thousands of chickens crammed into crowded sheds, many suffering problems caused by unnaturally large and rapid growth. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof broke the story in his twice-weekly column. The cruel practices our investigative footage reveals stand in stark contrast to Costco’s claim that animal welfare is a “critical component that has been integrated into all aspects of the chicken supply chain.”

At the farm, our undercover investigator documented animals forced to live for weeks in their own waste. Chickens raised for Costco are bred to grow so large so fast that they often cannot support their weight. Birds struggle to walk, and many die from organ failure. In addition to terrible living conditions, the investigator witnessed countless birds with open wounds, broken bones, and twisted necks and beaks.

The Mobile Billboard

In March, when Costco opened a new store in Dallas, Georgia, we were there to greet them with a massive mobile billboard.

Running for eight hours a day for five days in several Georgia locations, the billboard played footage and audio recorded by our brave investigator. Some of the footage depicted dark, crowded barns and chickens struggling to walk under their unnatural weight.

On-the-Ground Actions

Mercy For Animals took to the streets with passionate activists to demand that Costco do better for animals.

In Union, New Jersey, we stood in front of a Costco location holding large signs with letters that together spelled out “Costco Exposed.” In Issaquah, Washington, activists gathered beside a huge light-up “Costco Exposed” sign, drawing attention and questions from people driving to Costco.

Street Projections

Recently, we garnered attention from both Costco shoppers and passersby by projecting massive images either on the sides of or near Costco stores in Richmond, San Francisco, and Oakland.

Each projection showed heartbreaking images inspired by our undercover investigation.

How You Can Help

Costco has the power and responsibility to end these horrific practices. While we will continue to put pressure on Costco, we need your help. Costco cares about what customers think, so it’s critical that they hear from you today.

Sign the petition at, and head to Costco’s Instagram page to leave a comment asking them to do better for chickens.