Dairy Industry: Undercover Investigations Hurting Business

A recent survey by the University of British Columbia found that undercover video by animal rights groups is highly effective in educating the public on meat, dairy, and egg production.

The survey included nearly 500 U.S. consumers. The vast majority said that factory farm footage left them with a negative view of animal agriculture and made them less likely to consume animal products.

Jim Drickell, a dairy industry representative, reports these findings. He expresses concern that videos by animal protection groups are adversely affecting business.

The survey also revealed that millennials are less likely to purchase cow’s milk and more likely to use alternatives like almond or soy than other populations. “The bad news is that these young millennials represent the future, Drickell laments.

This is all great news for the millions of cows who are forced to live miserable lives on factory farms. Just take a look at MFA’s latest undercover investigation from a dairy farm in Colorado:

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