Don’t Let Michigan Lawmakers Repeal Basic Welfare Standards for Animals!

When Michigan passed Chapter 46 of the Animal Industry Act back in 2009, it mandated that calves and pigs confined in crates have at least enough space to fully extend their limbs. It also required that egg-laying hens be able to spread their wings and turn around in their cages. These requirements hardly seem radical and simply call for basic decency toward animals. In fact, the law served as a model for similar legislation and constitutional amendments in several other states, like Massachusetts Question 3 in 2016 and California Proposition 12 in 2018.

The law gave farmers up to 10 years to comply with the new welfare standards. Unfortunately, as the deadline is finally coming up, Michigan’s egg industry is trying to do whatever it can to push it back.

Now, Senator Kevin Daley has put this critical farmed animal welfare law under threat by introducing SB 174, which would repeal Chapter 46 of Michigan’s Animal Industry Act. If he succeeds, millions of animals will continue to suffer in tiny cages. This heartless move sets a dangerous precedent.

We can’t let this kind of blatant indecency stand. If you live in Michigan, you can easily send a message to your state senator and visit our coalition site to take further action. And if you don’t live in Michigan, consider supporting Mercy For Animals’ efforts to ensure that this and other animal welfare laws are enforced after they are passed. Together, we can be the voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.