Eating Beef? Then You’re Probably Eating Horse Too

If you’re eating beef, there’s a good chance you’re also eating horse meat.

A new article by The Daily Mail explains:

According to two new surveys, 20 per cent of ground meat sold in the US contains more than what is on the label.

For the ground meat study, 48 samples were analyzed and 10 were found to be mislabeled. Of those 10, nine had additional animal included and one sample was mislabeled completely. Horse meat, which is illegal to sell in the US, was detected in two of the samples.

Though not popular stateside, horse meat is widely consumed in Europe and parts of Asia. While it’s not certain whether the presence of horse meat is accidental or intentional to save money, it raises questions about the real difference between eating cows and eating horses.

As evidenced by the horse meat scandal that rocked parts of Europe a few years ago, the idea of eating horse meat provokes an intense emotional response from many people. The truth remains, however, that all animals suffer just the same when they are violently slaughtered.

Whether chickens, cows, pigs, or horses, all animals have the capacity for fear and pain. The best way to prevent the needless suffering and death of animals raised for food is to adopt a humane vegan diet. 

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