Factory Farming by Any Other Name Is Just the Same

Animal agricultural giants are certainly responding to growing consumer concerns regarding animal welfare. But according to a report by The Washington Post, their response is wholly self-interested and does nothing to help the billions of animals suffering on factory farms.

Unhappy with the negative connotations of the term “factory farming,” industry leaders claim that the term is a buzzword used by angry activists with little knowledge of the facts. The article points out the aptness of the term, however, explaining that “factory farms openly focus on efficiency above all else — allowing animal mistreatment for the sake of the bottom of line.”

“This industry’s revisionism ignores not only four decades of agricultural industrialization, but also what’s happening right now, this moment, in windowless barns across the country,” it continues.

How can we combat an industry that would rather mince words than improve animal welfare? The most powerful action consumers can take to lessen animal suffering on factory farms is to reduce or eliminate animal products from their diets. For more information about compassionate meatless eating, check out ChooseVeg.com.