Factory Farms: Making Life Hell for Animals and Neighbors

Factory Farms: Making Life Hell for Animals and Neighbors
According to an article on NewsObserver.com, North Carolina residents suffering with factory farm pollution will continue to do just that.

Factory farms for chickens, turkeys, and other animals produce high concentrations of ammonia and other noxious gases, causing serious distress to those who live nearby.

Several residents are struggling with unpleasant odors, including Donna Bryant, who cannot let her grandchildren play in the backyard anymore because of the large chicken farm nearby.

Bryant explains, “This place we’ve lived, almost 30 years, it’s our nest-egg. My husband and I are now completely overwhelmed by the stench of chicken houses built directly behind us. Besides the awful smell, we deal with flies that we didn’t have before, and the smell getting inside our home. Don’t know how long we’ll even be able to stay here.”

According to the North Carolina Department of Natural Resources, these large-scale farms and agricultural facilities aren’t subject to the “general odor rule.”

The author concludes: “So that’s The Rule – the N.C. Stink Rule that frees factory farms to pollute unchecked on an industrial level, serving giant corporations and hiding behind the cover of ‘agriculture.'”

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