FED UP: Maryland Residents Say Hell No to Proposed Chicken Farm

According to the Cecil Whig, residents of Cecil County, Maryland, are protesting a proposed new chicken farm.

Opponents of the proposed poultry operation held a demonstration last Saturday to voice their concerns about the project. The new farm would consist of four large buildings, which would house some 200,000 chickens at a time for Perdue Farms.

Residents of the community are concerned over lower property values, health and environmental issues, and harm to the water supply.

If the factory farm is approved, the 200,000 chickens will be grown in seven-week cycles. Cecil resident Mike Logan says, “It’s grow them, kill them and get them out of here.

Chickens on factory farms are usually around seven weeks of age at slaughter. These fast-growing birds often suffer from many health problems.

Residents of this town are smart to be concerned. Factory farms produce lots of waste that often runs off into local waterways and can pollute an entire community’s water supply, causing residents to get very sick.

Choosing a vegan diet is the most powerful way to spare the environment and our own bodies from the toxins produced by the poultry industry.

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