Folded JUST Egg Becomes First Vegan Product to Win Coveted Award

Last month, plant-based company JUST made history when their brand-new Folded JUST Egg became the first vegan product to win the NEXTY Awards’ “Best New Frozen Product category. The latest take on JUST’s mung-bean-based vegan egg comes ready for breakfast sandwiches and is already available in select grocery stores.
The biennial NEXTY Awards are presented by New Hope Network, the organization behind Natural Products Expo West. The judges were impressed with the sustainability of JUST’s products:
Whether you’re looking to eliminate animal protein from your diet or are simply seeking nutritious and convenient plant-based alternatives for your daily life, the Folded JUST Egg is a revelation. This is more than a great product; it’s a force with far-reaching market implications and a measurable environmental impact thanks to ingredients that consume 98 percent less water and emit 93 percent less carbon dioxide than animal proteins. Now we can safely say the egg came first.
JUST plans to drop the price of JUST Egg by 35 percent next month to make it even more accessible to shoppers. This is thanks to the company’s new 30,000-square-foot production facility. With the new facility, situated on 40 acres of land, JUST became the largest private employer in Appleton, Minnesota!
The company also plans to expand to other major global markets next year, having recently partnered with major companies, like South Korea’s leading food company, SPC Samlip, and one of Latin America’s largest edible oil and fat producers, Alianza Team. JUST also has existing partnerships with huge European distributors. JUST CEO Josh Tetrick stated:
Our ability to scale to meet the demand is our main focus in 2020. It’s humbling to see some of the world’s most influential food companies join us to meet the challenge. We’ve come to have an enormous amount of respect for their approach to innovation and commitment to building a stronger, healthier food system.
Plant-based products are only getting more popular, more delicious, and easier to find. Start adding vegan meals to your routine by ordering a FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide today!