French National Assembly Passes Bill Requiring Cameras in Slaughterhouses

Last week, the French national assembly passed a bill requiring cameras in all slaughterhouses. Only four opposed the measure, while 28 voted in favor of it.

The move comes after the release late last year of shocking undercover video by the French animal rights group Association L214. The footage reveals pregnant cows being stunned and chained before having their throats cut.

You can see the cows struggling to get free as they bleed out. As slaughterhouse workers cut into a still-moving cow to start processing the meat, you see them cut out the uterus. From there they slice in and remove the fetus of a calf and then throw the baby into the garbage.

Watch here:

Politico explains:
If passed, authorities would install video cameras in all areas of slaughterhouses where live animals are handled, including during transport, stabling and stunning. Footage would be held for one month and be viewable only by veterinarians or animal-welfare inspectors.
While it still needs to pass the senate, this groundbreaking bill would deter egregious acts of animal cruelty and facilitate prosecution of animal abusers.

This move would do little, however, to alleviate suffering for the countless animals subjected to standard meat industry practices, including routine mutilations and extreme confinement.

The best thing compassionate people can do to protect animals from needless suffering and neglect is to leave meat and other animal products off the menu.

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