Get Ready for the Beast

A fantastic piece in Outside magazine online features the Beast Burger, a brand-new vegan product from Beyond Meat about to hit shelves next month.

Those of us who are vegan or vegetarian have had our fair share of veggie burgers, but this new product promises something different.

First off, the Beast Burger has more protein and iron than beef, more omegas than salmon, and is chock-full of antioxidants. The burger is so seriously nutrient dense even ultramarathon champion Brendan Brazier, the founder of Vega, remarked: “I plan on using several a week.

But how does it taste?

“Reminds me of the Salisbury steaks of my youth, says Rowan Jacobsen, the self-described burger lover who wrote the article. Intriguing, for sure.

The extensive piece also contrasts the enormous environmental impact and wastefulness of beef production with plant-based meat production. Did you know it takes a startling 36,000 calories of edible feed to create only 1,000 calories of beef? Or that animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all the transportation in the world combined?

Jacobsen also links to an undercover video of cattle slaughter, calling it “an orgy of torture that would make Hannibal Lecter blanch. We couldn’t agree more.

Looking to cut meat out of your diet? You don’t have to wait for the Beast Burger. Go to and learn about all the delicious veggie meat products already on the market.