Give Hope to Animals by Joining This Exciting Challenge

Billions of animals are suffering, but you can give them hope for a future where they are respected, protected, and free.

Be part of Mercy For Animals’ mission to end industrial animal agriculture by participating in our exciting challenge: Give Hope to Animals. We launched this campaign last year to raise funds and critical awareness. Join people across the country in constructing a more compassionate food system through a fundraising activity of your choice.

Hope is so crucial to us—it empowers us to do our vital work for animals and the planet every day. At Mercy For Animals, we believe in a better future, and we have hope that the change we create will realize that future. Our hope is strengthened by so many people like you, who also believe in our mission and are willing to take action.

Give hope to animals today by signing up. It’s simple to get started—just create a fundraising page for yourself or join a team, share the page, and ask your friends and family to support your fundraiser.

Fundraising Ideas for You 

Holiday Fundraiser: This holiday season, surround yourself with hope at your own peer-to-peer holiday party. You could host an ugly Christmas sweater party, plan a vegan holiday-cookie baking contest, or ask people to donate to your Give Hope to Animals fundraiser in lieu of gifts this year. 

Inspire the Plant-Based Lifestyle: Food is central to our mission, and many of our omnivore friends simply don’t know how delicious plant-based food can be. Show your friends and family how to make a flavorful and delicious cruelty-free meal, or share recipes and cooking videos.

Almost anything can be a peer-to-peer fundraiser: Bring your unique fundraising vision to life, and be as creative as you’d like! Fundraise for a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary; honor a loved one; go on a mountain climb; run in a 5K; host a vegan bake sale… The possibilities are limitless!

Your actions will not go unnoticed. Thank you for your compassion and for being part of the Give Hope to Animals peer-to-peer campaign. Thank you for raising awareness and being a voice for animals—you are standing up to cruelty and helping build a more just and sustainable food system. Join us in giving hope to animals today (and every day)

P.S. We are here to help you bring your fundraising vision to life! Keep an eye out for tips and ideas to make your fundraiser the best it can be!

Make sure to tag @MercyForAnimals when you share your work on social media!