Here’s Why Eating Cheese Is Actually Worse Than Eating Steak

You probably think this is just some clickbaity title meant to lure you in, but the truth is dairy is actually worse than steak. Let’s dive into the facts!

In order for a cow to continually produce milk, she must be repeatedly impregnated. (Yes, cows like all other mammals produce milk for their babies.) Once her calf is born, the baby is stolen from her so her milk can be sold. If the calf is male, he is sent off to a veal farm where he will be chained inside a crate so small he can barely move and slaughtered in weeks. If the calf is female, she is kept and raised for dairy.

Constantly giving birth takes a physical toll on the cows. The natural lifespan for a cow is 15–20 years, but due to neglect and constant breeding, cows on modern dairy farms only live about four years. Once they are considered “spent they are sent off for slaughter, typically becoming ground beef.

Don’t believe us? Watch this 2014 Mercy For Animals undercover video from Andrus Dairy, a supplier at the time to one of the largest cheese producers in the country.

Cows raised for beef certainly live miserable lives as well, but unlike just about all animals on factory farms, they’re kept mostly outdoors and are slaughtered at just 18 months of age. While their violent deaths are sad and totally unnecessary, they thankfully don’t have to suffer through years of physical and mental abuse like their female counterparts.

Luckily, by going vegan you can withdraw your support from the cruel animal agricultural industry, and enjoy tasty and nutritious plant-based alternatives.

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