Here’s Why Moby Has Been Vegan for 30 Years

In the editorial, the musician and restaurateur talks about his childhood and how growing up with dozens of companion animals led him to understand that all animals are capable of feeling pain and deserve compassion. He reminisces about the day, as he sat on a couch with his rescued cat Tucker, that it all clicked:
I love this cat. I would do anything to protect him and make him happy and keep him from harm. He has four legs and two eyes and an amazing brain and an incredibly rich emotional life. I would never in a trillion years think of hurting this cat. So why am I eating other animals who have four (or two) legs, two eyes, amazing brains, and rich emotional lives?
Moby also discusses how his activism has changed over the years. He says that at times he would get frustrated and be “that vegan who yells at his meat-eating friends. Thinking about it now, he realizes that’s not an effective way to change people’s minds; he prefers to have civil and intellectual conversations.
The piece ends with a question to readers: Could you look a baby cow in the eyes and say, “My appetite is more important than your suffering”?
Moby is the real deal. The musician is a proud supporter of Mercy For Animals, and in 2014 we presented him with MFA’s prestigious Compassionate Leadership Award.
In 2016 Moby opened Little Pine, a vegan restaurant in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. He announced that all the profits would be donated to animal rights charities, including MFA.
As if that isn’t enough proof that Moby is a die-hard animal rights activist, in 2016 he teamed up with bassist and vegan activist Tony Kanal and MFA to produce Circle V, the world’s first and only all-vegan music festival.
Circle V was such a hit that it’s returning this year on November 18 at the Regent Theater in downtown Los Angeles. The event features performances by Raury, Reggie Watts, DREAMCAR, Waka Flocka Flame, and Moby.
Moby has dedicated his life to creating a kinder world for farmed animals. By going vegan, you too can spare countless animals a lifetime of misery at factory farms. Pigs, cows, chickens, and other farmed animals suffer horribly. These innocent animals face unimaginable cruelties, from painful mutilations and restrictive confinement to violent handling and gruesome deaths.
Join Moby and the millions of others who are helping protect farmed animals and the planet by switching to a vegan diet. Click here to get started!