HORRIBLE: Another Dairy Worker Drowns in Sh*t

According to farm labor union United Farm Workers, a dairy worker drowned in manure last month. On February 16, 2016, Ruperto Vazquez Carrera, 37, died shortly after showing up for work at Sunrise Organic Dairy in Paul, Idaho. His body was found approximately 10 hours later submerged in a 20-acre manure lagoon.

Similarly, Randy Vasquez, 27, drowned in a manure lagoon on February 24, 2015, while strapped into a front loader at Riverview Ranch, a dairy in rural Mabton, Washington.

These deaths are not isolated cases; Idaho alone reported three dairy fatalities in 2013.

Manure lagoons are enormous stores of animal feces and urine that can span several football fields.

See for yourself:

They are terribly toxic and otherwise dangerous for those working near them.

In July 2015, an Iowan father and son were working on their hog farm when they were overcome by fumes and died.

Employees at all factory farms work in hazardous conditions. On average in Washington, one dairy farm worker dies every 16 months and one is injured per day. BuzzFeed News reported earlier this year that at processing plants owned by Tyson, the world’s largest meat producer, an average of one employee per month is injured by equipment and loses a finger or limb.

In order to make a profit, factory farmers blatantly disregard the environment, their workers, and the animals they confine, mutilate, and kill.

The best thing we can do to protect people and animals is to boycott the industry that abuses them.

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