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How Can I Make Sure the Meat I Eat Is Humane?

How can I make sure the meat I eat is humane? People ask us this all the time. The answer is really quite simple: If the meat you eat comes from animals, it isn’t humane. If it comes from plants, it is.

It may come as a surprise, but no government agency regulates the word “humane. Yep, you read that right.

Don’t believe us? Just look at this 2015 Mercy For Animals undercover investigation at a Foster Farms facility that was certified humane by American Humane Association. It’s truly horrifying.

Animals on “humane-certified farms are mutilated without painkillers, forcibly separated from their families, and violently slaughtered. And let’s be real—no animal wants to die to become your meat. There are countless news reports of slaughterhouse escapees running for their lives and animals jumping from transport vehicles.

Cows, pigs, chickens, and other farmed animals are just as sensitive and intelligent as the dogs and cats we love at home. Sadly, the meat industry is allowed to legally abuse billions of them in ways that would warrant felony animal cruelty charges if the victim were just one dog or cat.

The reality is that the meat industry slaps on labels like “humane to give consumers peace of mind. Don’t buy their lies or products. Regardless of the label, consuming meat directly supports animal abuse.

Feeling uneasy? Join the millions who have said enough is enough and switched to a compassionate vegan diet. Click here to get started. Go here for a list of plant-based meats that everyone can feel good about eating.