Humanely Raised Chicken? We Don’t Think So.

Last week, The Lip News featured MFA’s director of investigations, Matt Rice, who enlightened countless viewers to the truth about common labels like “cage-free and “free-range.

As Rice explained, such labels are no more than clever attempts by large-scale farmers to deceive consumers:

Unfortunately these are for the most part marketing terms designed to make people feel better about paying more for some of the same types of abuses that you might see on a traditional factory farm. …

… Our undercover investigations have shown time and again that chickens are generally raised in giant windowless sheds with no access to sunlight. And after a few short weeks, they’re rounded up violently by workers and thrown into transport trucks and sent to slaughter.

You can watch the interview below:

The best thing that consumers can do to reduce the suffering of chickens on today’s farms is simply to stop eating them. For more information on deceptive labels, click here.

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