If Leaving Your Dog in the Car on a Hot Day Is Wrong, So Is This…

During warmer months, we are often warned about the dangers of leaving our dogs in the car. Within minutes, the temperature in your car can rise to lethal levels.

But dogs aren’t the only animals who suffer and die in hot vehicles.

Millions of farmed animals are transported each day from farms to slaughterhouses. This journey can take several days, which means that animals are trapped for extended periods in overcrowded, filthy trucks… with no climate control.

During the trip, animals are subjected to extremes of temperature and weather, enduring scorching heat or freezing cold. And as if this weren’t terrible enough, these animals are often forced to go days without food, water, or rest.

Due in part to insufficient transport regulations, every year millions of farmed animals arrive at slaughterhouses either dead or so sick or injured they are declared unfit for human consumption. This blatant cruelty would be considered criminal if inflicted on a dog or cat.

Multiple Mercy For Animals investigations have documented firsthand the miserable conditions farmed animals endure in transport.

An investigation of Western Hog Exchange in Alberta, for instance, showed frightened animals being transported hundreds of kilometers in sweltering heat, suffering from heat stress and dehydration. Workers repeatedly used electric prods to shock “downed pigs.

See for yourself:

In all the ways that matter, farmed animals are like dogs, yet we relegate them to a life of intense and unrelenting cruelty. The fact is, if we treated just one dog the way the meat industry treats billions of animals, we’d be behind bars for animal abuse.

If you wouldn’t leave your companion animal in a hot car, why support an industry that does that same thing to farmed animals?

Take a strong stand against this sickening cruelty, and help protect innocent animals by choosing plant-based foods. Click here to get started!