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IHOP Refuses to Reduce Suffering for Chickens. We’re Demanding Action.

Since 2016, Mercy For Animals has been part of a coalition effort to reduce the suffering of chickens used for meat. So far, more than 200 brands, including Subway, Starbucks, Denny’s, and even Popeyes Louisiana Chicken, have pledged to do better for these animals. But multinational pancake house IHOP has refused to do the same.

At factory farms, chickens are packed into dark, waste-filled warehouses. They are commonly bred to grow so large so quickly that many suffer organ failure, heart attacks, and crippling leg deformities, often becoming immobilized in their own waste. Some even die before they reach slaughter weight. The ones that do survive are shackled upside down and have their throats slit, many while fully conscious.

Mercy For Animals has been in conversation with IHOP for the past three years, asking them to adopt a meaningful chicken welfare policy. The Better Chicken Commitment addresses the most pressing welfare concerns associated with chickens raised for meat and includes commitments to transitioning to higher-welfare strains of birds, improving living conditions, and ending the horrific practice of live-shackle slaughter. Unfortunately, IHOP has taken no meaningful steps to improve the lives of chickens in their supply chain.

While companies are not always motivated by what is right, they all value public opinion. Mercy For Animals has launched a campaign asking IHOP to do the right thing and adopt the Better Chicken Commitment. Our new website details the horrific cruelty IHOP allows in their supply chain and helps compassionate people get involved.

Start making a difference for chickens today! Go to IHOP’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and leave a comment asking the company to treat chickens better by adopting the Better Chicken Commitment.

Another way to help chickens and other animals is to choose plant-based foods! Download our FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide for tips, and check out our Pinterest page for countless vegan recipes.