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Inspiring Compassion: MFA’s Humane Education Program

Kenny humane ed1.jpgTeaching students to have empathy for animals is one of the most effective, long-lasting, and meaningful ways to build a more compassionate world. With flexible programs that can be modified to fit the specific curricular needs and interests of any audience, MFA’s humane education program has been cultivating kindness toward animals at high schools and college classrooms, conferences, community and religious organizations, and other venues around the country for years.

In addition to helping stimulate the moral development of our nation’s youth, MFA’s highly acclaimed humane education presentations encourage critical thinking about social justice issues and urge students of all ages to make more humane, sustainable, and healthy food choices. Focusing on topics ranging from how a plant-based diet can help prevent disease to the outlook for creating legal protections for farmed animals, MFA’s presentations empower students to make a positive difference in their own lives, their local communities, and the world around them.

Learn more about MFA’s Humane Education program and the wide variety of thought-provoking presentations available.

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