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It’s Not Just America: Slaughterhouse Worker in U.K. Jailed for Animal Cruelty

The BBC reports that a U.K. slaughterhouse worker who kicked and beat sheep and pigs before killing them has been jailed for 10 months.

“Anthony Bagshaw, of S Bagshaw and Sons butchers, pleaded guilty to 24 offences relating to animal cruelty, food safety and movement of animals, explains the article. The cruel acts were all captured by an undercover video placed by Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

According to the BBC, John Watson from the animal sanctuary stated: “Had we not been able to obtain the harrowing evidence of barbaric cruelty happening behind the closed doors of this ‘high class’ family slaughterhouse, it would still be going on right now.

The unfortunate truth is that kicking and beating animals is a regular occurrence in the meat industry. In fact, Mercy For Animals has conducted more than 50 undercover investigations inside America’s factory farms and slaughterhouses and each time we’ve uncovered not only rampant animal abuse but also standard practices so cruel they would land you in jail if you inflicted them on a dog or cat.

Footage recently taken by an MFA undercover investigator on a Perdue farm in North Carolina shows workers stomping and throwing live chickens. The farmer was convicted of three counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty and sentenced to a mere 45 days’ imprisonment, 12 months’ probation, and a prohibition on working with animals.


Abuse runs rampant in the meat industry and no one case should be considered an isolated incident. While these convictions send a clear message that animal abuse will not be tolerated, ultimately, the best way to protect farmed animals from needless cruelty and suffering is to leave meat, eggs, and dairy off your plate.

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