LA’s Public Schools Propose Banning McDonald’s and Adding Vegan Options

According to, the Los Angeles Unified School District has proposed banning McDonald’s-backed fundraisers and adding vegan options to every cafeteria in the city.

Corporate Accountability International, a Boston-based nonprofit, found that over 120 “McTeacher promotions sponsored by McDonald’s had taken place in LAUSD from 2013 through 2016.

Steve Zimmer, school board president and a sponsor of the resolution, said:
This is about being sure that our policies actually mean something, that we’re not directly participating in the marketing of food with high-caloric, high-fat content.
Director Joseph K. Vaugheven said that before the resolution surfaced, district food services had been looking into vegan options and planned to launch a pilot program next fall. The proposal, introduced earlier this week, will force every single cafeteria in the country’s second-largest school district to offer vegan meals.

Over 50 school districts nationwide observe Meatless Monday, and vegan options at schools have been on the rise for years.

MUSE School in Southern California, founded by film director James Cameron and his wife, became entirely vegan in 2014. Both Cameron and his wife are committed vegans.

Last year, The Wall Street Journal reported that The Scandinavian School of Jersey City, a preschool just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, had gone entirely vegan.

Whether it’s to save the planet, help children be healthier, or prevent animal suffering, these shifts toward plant-based school lunches are shaping the way future generations will eat.

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