Calling All Chicagoans: Here’s What to Know About the LEAFS Fellowship and Why You Should Apply

Envision a transformative journey in the company of fellow grassroots changemakers—one that will reshape your understanding of social change. This is the LEAFS Fellowship, a unique and fully funded opportunity for deep learning, professional development, and personal growth.

The moment we’ve been waiting for is finally here, and we’re thrilled to share that applications are now open for the 2024–2025 LEAFS Fellowship in Chicago. This fantastic opportunity is open to individuals working in the areas of animal justice, food justice, and people power. Get ready to seize your chance to participate in this extraordinary program.

What is the LEAFS Fellowship?

LEAFS (Leadership, Equity, and Action for our Food System) supports up-and-coming leaders dedicated to creating a fair and sustainable food system that benefits everyone. This program is available to professionals in the Greater Chicago Area who are in the early to middle stages of their careers and work (or are interested in working) in the areas of animal justice, food justice, and grassroots empowerment. LEAFS will bring together 18 fellows for individual skill development, collective capacity building, and collaboration during three in-person retreats in the Greater Chicago Area in 2024 and 2025.

Discover more, and spread the word across your network!

Food is not just essential for survival and health—it is a bridge between people and connects us to all life. Food is an incredibly powerful lens for exploring and understanding the world and a leverage point in shifting the global community toward greater health, equity, sustainability, and compassion. It connects us to fundamental questions of identity and personhood, values, ethics, fairness, power and politics, and knowledge.

Is this you?

You believe that we can and must change our food system, that a better world is possible, and that “there is no alternative” is a lie meant to keep us complacent. Your passions lie at the intersections of animal welfare, food justice, people power, systems change, decolonization, resilience, and climate justice. If this is you, then we encourage you to apply and join us!

For more information and to apply or nominate someone, please visit LEAFS Fellowship, and learn more by watching our LEAFS Fellowship video here!