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Mad Cow Disease Discovered in Canada

A monitoring program has exposed a new case of mad cow disease, this time on a farm in Alberta, Canada. This disease causes fatal neurodegeneration in cows that results in sponginess of the brain and spinal cord.

Fortunately, after investigating the problem, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency claimed “no part of the infected cow had entered the human or animal food supply.

But this is far from the first case of mad cow disease in Canada.

According to The Star, “Canada had been slow to ban the feeding of cattle by-products to other cattle, taking that step only in 1997 and then the ban proved less than 100 percent effective. By May 2007, a second outbreak led to 10 confirmed cases of mad cow disease.

Unfortunately, not all cases of mad cow disease are detected in time and many are ignored. Just last year, the disease killed a Texas man. In another case, a potentially infected cow made it to the kill floor despite showing symptoms.

Incidents like these reinforce what we already know: meat production is inherently unsafe.

Concerned consumers can avoid contaminated meat and help prevent cruelty to animals by ditching animal products in favor of healthy and humane plant-based alternatives.

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