Mercy For Animals participates in Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees 

Federal employees and retirees can cost-effectively support Mercy For Animals through one of the world’s largest workplace giving programs.

LOS ANGELES — Federal employees and retirees can easily and efficiently maximize their impact for animals through Mercy For Animals’ 2023 partnership with the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), the largest federal workplace giving program.

For federal employees who want to support Mercy For Animals’ life-changing work for animals around the globe, the CFC partnership offers a simple, cost-effective entry with a big payoff: The CFC gives federal employees and retirees the unique opportunity to set up regular payroll deductions to support work for the causes they care about most. 

The CFC is a federally regulated program aimed at raising the greatest amount possible for its participating charities. Since its inception, the CFC has raised over $8.7 billion for people and animals in need. Every donation makes a difference for farmed animals. Even a $1 biweekly payroll deduction has a meaningful impact in helping Mercy For Animals achieve its mission to create a more just and sustainable food system. 

By visiting CFC’s giving page and selecting Mercy For Animals (charity #30027), any federal employee or retiree can make a one-time donation or set up payroll deductions that will result in a massive cumulative impact toward creating a more compassionate food system. 

At Mercy For Animals, donations support impact-focused strategies and programs that have proved to pay off—targeted ads, legislative advocacy, grassroots demonstrations, hard-hitting corporate campaigns, and investigations, all overseen by passionate team members working every day to end industrial animal agriculture. Visit the CFC website to see some of the meaningful work for animals that CFC contributions to Mercy For Animals have fueled in previous years.

Mercy For Animals is widely recognized across the philanthropic world for its excellence in maximizing donor impact. A federation member of America’s Best Charities, Mercy For Animals has consistently been named “Best in America” by the Independent Charities of America, a seal awarded to less than 1% of charities nationwide each year, and received the “Top-Rated” badge, known as the most influential “people’s choice” award for outstanding nonprofits, from GreatNonprofits in 2023.

In 2023, Mercy For Animals has driven remarkable change for animals, and we remain steadfast in our efforts to build a better world:

  • Thanks in part to our supporter-powered campaigns, more than 50 companies have taken significant steps toward their pledges to improve the lives of millions of animals. Our Transfarmation™ program has helped farmers leave animal agriculture for good and produce sustainable, profitable crops instead. 
  • We have flown farmers to Washington, D.C., to meet with members of Congress, House Agriculture Committee staff members, USDA agencies, and the White House Office of Climate Policy to advocate financial assistance for farmers who wish to transition from animal agriculture. 
  • Our continued factory-farm investigation releases, including in partnership with acclaimed New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, have drawn new scrutiny to the hidden horrors of industrial animal agriculture—Kristof’s coverage of our pork-industry investigation received nearly 1,200 comments from concerned consumers.

In one of the most significant wins ever for farmed animals, this year the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed the pork industry’s challenge to California’s Proposition 12. Mercy For Animals and our allies fought hard to convince the court to uphold Prop 12, which ensures that hens used for eggs in California will no longer languish in cages and millions of animals raised for the California marketplace will no longer suffer the most extreme confinement in the factory farming industry. Mercy For Animals collaborated with law professors and other animal protection organizations on an amicus brief that was brought forward by The Harvard Law School Animal Law & Policy Clinic.

Mercy For Animals’ impact is real and measurable. Guided by a three-year strategic plan, our investigations and our corporate engagement, legislative advocacy, and institutional food policy wins have secured changes that will reduce suffering for millions of animals. Learn more about how federal employees, new federal hirees, and federal retirees can use the CFC to support Mercy For Animals’ mission.

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Mercy For Animals is a leading international nonprofit working to end industrial animal agriculture by constructing a just and sustainable food system. Active in Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, and the United States, the organization has conducted more than 100 investigations of factory farms and slaughterhouses, influenced more than 500 corporate policies, and helped pass historic legislation to ban cages for farmed animals. Join us at