MFA Advocates Heat Up the Texas Freedom Parade

The message was simple: celebrate diversity and honor compassion. Over 60 local animal advocates joined Mercy For Animals last weekend to march in the annual Texas Freedom Parade. The impressive turnout of energetic volunteers at MFA’s premier Dallas event illustrated that Texans are eager to promote kindness and reject cruelty to animals.

DallasPrideGroup.jpgBearing MFA logo t-shirts in an assortment of colors, the advocates formed a human rainbow and marched behind a banner declaring, “No one is free when others are oppressed.” The vegan parade block was met with loud cheers, applause, thumbs-up, and high-fives. Over 4,000 pieces of pro-vegetarian literature were distributed during this pro-active and positive outreach event, including thousands of MFA’s new “Why love one but eat the other?” brochure.

DallasPrideMarch.jpg A special thanks to blogger, Eddie Garza, for coordinating this incredible event. Click here to read an uplifting article highlighting Eddie’s inspiring work planning the MFA parade march and his efforts to promote cruelty-free food choices. Click here to learn how you can take action to help animals within your community.