Grocery Chain Ditches Cruel Cages Following Shocking MFA Investigation - Mercy For Animals

Grocery Chain Ditches Cruel Cages Following Shocking MFA Investigation

IGA, which operates a franchise of 5,000 grocery stores worldwide, has adopted a cage-free egg policy after a new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation exposed sickening animal cruelty at IGA egg suppliers.

The hidden-camera footage shows thousands of birds packed into filthy wire cages; severely sick and injured birds left to suffer without proper veterinary care; and dead birds rotting in cages with birds still laying eggs for human consumption. The video also shows workers violently ripping birds from cages by their wings or necks and throwing them on each other in trash cans to be gassed to death.

After learning about the abuse, IGA immediately announced a commitment to improving animal welfare by pledging that 100 percent of eggs sold in its stores would be cage-free by 2025. IGA joins the ranks of more than 130 other food companies, including McDonald’s, Walmart, and Kroger, that have pledged to switch to cage-free eggs. 

We are heartened that IGA not only took notice, but also took action after egregious animal cruelty was exposed in the company’s egg supply chain. While cage-free doesn’t mean cruelty-free, IGA’s policy is a significant step forward and will reduce the suffering of countless hens.

And remember, the best way to help hens is to leave eggs off your plate. Visit for recipes and tips.