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MFA Pride: Marching for Justice, Compassion, and Empathy for All

Spotlighting the parallels between gay rights, animal rights, and other social justice movements, MFA volunteers in Chicago, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and New York City marched in their respective cities’ annual gay pride parades. Marching behind a banner bearing the message, “No one is free when others are oppressed,” they promoted compassion for humans and animals alike.

NYCPride2.jpgJoining MFA volunteers at pride parades in New York City and Los Angeles were a number of key players in the national veg-scene, including Simone Reyes, Ashley Lou Smith, Rory Freedman, Ari Solomon, Mikko Alanne, and fashion designer John Bartlett.

Over three-hundred volunteers from all seven parades distributed a record-breaking total of 57,000 pieces of pro-vegetarian literature, including MFA’s Why love one but eat the other? brochures, to excited and enthusiastic crowds. Our Paid-Per-View program also broke records with over 1,300 people watching a four-minute version of MFA’s hard-hitting documentary Farm to Fridge.

This was MFA’s seventh year marching in gay pride parades nationwide, promoting compassion, diversity, and social justice for all.

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