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MFA Takes Amazon to Task on Animal Cruelty at Shareholders Meeting

Today, Mercy For Animals presented a landmark sustainability proposal at Amazon’s 2017 annual shareholders meeting in Seattle, Washington. The proposal requires that sustainability be included as a performance measure for senior executive compensation under the company’s incentive plans.

The shareholder proposal coincided with a demonstration outside the shareholders meeting denouncing Amazon’s continued sale of foie gras on its website. MFA supporters confronted Amazon shareholders—including executives such as CEO Jeff Bezos—with graphic images of animal abuse obtained during an MFA undercover investigation at an Amazon foie gras supplier.

MFA’s investigation, which revealed workers violently grabbing ducks by their delicate wings and necks and shoving metal pipes down their throats to force-feed them, ducks hyperventilating from their unnaturally large livers pressing against their lungs, and workers hastily shackling ducks upside down and slitting their throats while the birds were still fully conscious and able to feel pain, sparked a multiyear campaign urging the internet retail giant to prohibit the sale of foie gras on its website.

Watch the footage of MFA’s investigation here:

Foie gras is so patently cruel it has been banned by more than a dozen countries, by leading chefs and grocers, and even by Amazon on its U.K. website. Permitting its sale on the U.S. website exemplifies the contradiction between Amazon’s public messaging on sustainability and its business practices: Amazon touts responsible, ethical sourcing as part of its sustainability efforts, yet effectively condones the intentional torture of birds through one of the cruelest factory farming practices.

Factoring sustainability metrics into executive compensation is a growing trend in response to mounting concerns over environmental devastation and resource depletion. It is good not only for consumers and the environment but also for shareholders.

Amazon has the power and responsibility to ensure that products sold on its website are not the result of blatant animal abuse. It has already banned other inherently cruel products on its U.S. website, including shark fins, whale meat, bear bile, ivory, snake and crocodile skin, seal fur, and any part of a dog or cat. It’s time for Amazon to ban foie gras too.

Make your voice heard! Please sign and share our petition at to help end torture of ducks for foie gras.