MFA’s Top 10 Most Watched Videos From 2018

This year at Mercy For Animals we’ve shared a number of videos, from inspiring stories of rescued farmed animals and delicious vegan food to powerful undercover investigations. These videos have garnered millions of views on social media, reaching people all over the world.

As we approach 2019, here’s a look back at our most watched videos of 2018:

1. Vegan Cheese

Research firm Nielsen revealed that sales of vegan cheese had increased by 43 percent in the past year alone. This video showcases just a handful of the many available brands and types of vegan cheese. It got over 1.9 million views!

2. This Zoom-Camera Drone Exposed Disturbing Milk Production Secrets

This drone footage gives us a rare view of the modern dairy industry and reveals the abuse that cows endure every day.

3. This Doctor Says Humans Don’t Need Meat

Dr. Milton Mills shares his insight on a healthy diet, explaining that people don’t need animal products—it’s actually much healthier to eat a plant-based diet.

4. These Drones Expose Factory Farming Like Never Before

Drone footage shows factory farms from above, exposing giant pits of waste and dead animals. Billions of animals are raised for food every year—including 60 percent of all mammals on the planet—forced to live in crowded sheds and filthy enclosures. This video reveals the scale of these atrocious facilities.

5. This Woman Is a 96-Year-Old Vegan

Meet Natasha Brenner, a 96-year-old vegan activist. Natasha attends protests and does daily online actions for animals! She credits veganism for her longevity, and with meat consumption linked to shorter life spans, science clearly backs her up.

6. This New Vegan Egg Tastes Like the Real Thing

Announcing the new vegan egg product from Just! The Just Egg comes in a bottle and cooks like scrambled eggs but without any of the cruelty.

7. Auction

Undercover footage shows a calf being loaded with a forklift onto a truck, a disturbing glimpse into what these sensitive and intelligent animals go through to become meat.

8. Little Pine

Here’s a peek inside Moby’s vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, Little Pine! This restaurant donates all its profits to animal rights charities.

9. Riverdel Cheese

This video introduces Michaela Grob, owner of a vegan cheese shop in Brooklyn, New York. The shop offers a wide variety of plant-based cheeses, and they even serve sandwiches that showcase their outstanding products.

10. This Vegan Steak Is Selling Out in the U.K.

Finally, this product with the texture and flavor of steak is selling out fast! News like this gives us hope for the future, and with more people signing up for Veganuary 2019, demand for vegan food will surely continue to grow.

These powerful videos help raise awareness for animals who suffer every day at factory farms and slaughterhouses. These animals are subjected to unspeakable cruelties: crowded, filthy conditions; mutilations without painkillers; and violent deaths. By choosing compassion and switching to a vegan diet, you can help save more farmed animals than ever before in 2019!

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