Moby Donating 100 Percent of Profits From His New Vegan Restaurant to Animals

For nearly 30 years, music icon Moby has promoted veganism and animal rights. In fact, he released an album titled Animal Rights in the 90s. Moby’s also an incredible supporter of Mercy For Animals and never misses a chance to promote our campaigns. In 2014, we honored Moby’s dedication with MFA’s prestigious Compassionate Leadership Award.

Check out this recent photo of Moby from MFA’s Foster Farms demonstration in Hollywood:

When we learned that Moby was set to open Little Pine, a vegan restaurant in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, we were super excited for all the obvious reasons. And trust us, the food is amazing: S’mores cheesecake. Need we say more?

In more great news, Moby recently announced he would donate all profits from his restaurant to animal rights organizations (MFA among them):

Opening Little Pine was never meant to be a conventional entrepreneurial endeavor. … I want it to represent veganism in a really positive light, and also help support the animal welfare organizations who do such remarkable work.

All of us at MFA are so incredibly moved by Moby’s generosity, advocacy, and continued support. Little Pine is a truly remarkable restaurant for so many reasons.

If you’d like to learn more about Little Pine, click here. For information on transitioning to a healthy and humane vegan diet, visit